Calvin… (or Life 2017)

Calvin… (or Life 2017)

(This is what I felt after watching the movie Life (2017). I am trying to be as vague as possible but it could contain some spoilers. If you do not want to have even a minor spoiler, DON’T read!)

Dreadful Calvin,

The first five or ten minutes of your story made me worry if I was putting my time into watching a story which did not deserve my time. Then, you decided to keep things interesting and then onward I was glued to my chair and watching the screen anxiously afraid to take my eyes off for the fear of losing the sight of you creeping by one of the humans.

I still wonder whether you were so good with Hugh (played by Ariyon Bakare) at first because you actually do have a tender side to your soul or was that merely fooling the stupid humans? As for me, I did not trust you from the first moment I saw you. Well, you proved me and most of the crew on the International Space Station right. It did not help that your shape reminded me of a starfish and that in turn reminded me of Patrick from SpongeBob who always annoyed me as a kid.

Then, you went ahead and did an unforgivable thing to Rory (played by Ryan Reynolds – how dare you do that to Ryan Reynolds’ character?). He was acting out of humanity to look after his friends and you sly, evil creature used that to your benefit. I will accept you are a great opponent and has more to offer than meets the eye. If the humans had been a little inhuman at that moment and decided to not send Rory to get Hugh back to safety and to keep the lab locked down, triumph would have been theirs. However, if that was the case the story would not have been this intriguing.

The water related airlock scene with the Commander (played by Olga Dihovichnaya) was a really painful scene to watch. It was even more painful as she was the only person who mouthed the fears I was having about your rapid growth.

As the movie progressed your creepiness increased. By the end of the movie, or rather from the first time you were showing your aggressive side I was thinking may be only Martian life form we can trust is John Jones (J’onn J’onzz). David (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) and Miranda (played by Rebecca Ferguson) fights against you until the very end. They add a lot of an emotional value to your story.

Watching the volume of your body increasing with every shot added to the fear you created. Though your story may remind people of other stories about creatures like you, I think there is originality there. I also think how your story unfolds is actually quite good.

What happened to you in the end? I think that will be question everyone will have in their mind after watching your story. I do not think we will get a chance to see you telling it to us. We will rather have to imagine it ourselves.

By the way, no thanks for making the name Calvin a synonym for fear and creepiness.

Let’s hope we never meet!

(This is one of the best movies of 2017 for me. If you have not already watched it and you enjoy science fiction and thriller movies, I encourage you to watch this.)





Humans: A Creation or a Mistake?

Humans: A Creation or a Mistake?

Every day we get up from a good night’s sleep. Sometimes the sleep can be only a couple of hours since we had to stay late for some purpose. From the moment we wake up we start following a certain pattern. For most of us this is dressing up the best we can and using the best perfume so we can create a really good impression on anyone we meet as we work at an office. Then, we are off to work where we spend the whole day and come home knackered. A few hours of talking with the family, watching TV, eating something and again it is time to crawl under the blanket and fall asleep. Though this may not be the life all of us spend we are all used to some variation of the same daily schedule.

However, once in a while when our mind desperately needs something more to do, something exciting to do outside of this routine, we will find some kind of an activity which seems interesting to us. Watching movies is one of the best modes of entertainment. That is how I found the movie which made me rethink about our whole existence.


In 2012, I came across a movie called “Prometheus.” Most of you must have watched it too and with the sequel of it (Alien: Covenant) coming to the theaters in May 2017 you must have all at least heard about the movie. What left me baffled was not the great CGI or the story or the fact that we were finally going to find out how Xenomorphs were created. It was simply the question about who created us, the humans?

From an early age, ever since I started learning about all the space expeditions and about the universe I have always believed we cannot be alone in this universe. With all those planets  in the universe having at least one other alien species is something that can happen. Well, I am not expecting those aliens to be as vicious as the Xenomorphs or as really attractive as Superman.

One of the theories about how life began in Earth has always been that we were created by some alien cells which somehow came to be on Earth. That is a possibility. If that is the case then our roots link us to another kind of creatures in the universe. However, we have always only thought about how humans were created. Never have we actually questioned about what made that creation possible.

If we were actually created because it happened as a part of a natural order that is fine. However, Prometheus made me ask the question what if we were actually deliberately created by another alien species like the Engineers in Prometheus? And what if we were actually a mistake in their part? A creation that was never supposed to be, a creation which made them unhappy?

This thought that we could actually be a mistake done by another alien race left me in despair at the end of the movie. Even the possibility of that happening was really not a good feeling. And though the movie is fiction, the question posed about human existence, how it began and why it began has now become a problem I will always think about. In time, we may find the real answer for this question. Then, again, we may never find the answer too.