If someone tells you your dress is pretty or your car is awesome, will you feel happy? Of course, you will. If someone tells your shoes are pretty ugly and you are too fat, will you feel sad? Of course, you will. As humans our mind is set to be happy when receiving praises and be quite unhappy when receiving insults or hard criticism. The world around us has become a place where not just us as people but everything we own and everything we do as in terms of work even, are constantly under other people’s observation and are judged constantly.

The world which was full of such judgement has now started facing a critical situation as a result of the part social media plays. Social media does have a good side. It helps you connect with a lot of people and make them aware of what is going on in the world. However, most people use social media as a way of judging other people. We can easily like or retweet something we find good. We can also easily comment something nasty if we find something we do not like. Since people do not have to meet other people face to face to tell them how good or awful they are, social media has become a great place for those who cannot stop but judge other people.

As a result of this change in the way things operate, almost all of us have started to, sometimes consciously and most of the time unconsciously, see how good we are doing depending on the likes we receives for something we post on social media. However, this is not a good way to judge the good or bad of what we are doing especially when it comes to our work. For example, there are times when people who are actually doing great work for the good of mankind are not receiving enough exposure and help because they are not popular especially in social media while people who do nothing but post pictures of themselves all day long get millions of followers.

If you take the field of arts and literature, with the birth of social media certain people have found their voice and become authors or poets due to social media. However, not all of them are truly talented. This is a sad situation because talent does not come with a picture or a post you make by using a few choice words and some interesting hashtags. Talent is something people are usually born with. The really talented people spend years and years honing their skills. It is sad to see them not finding their way on to the platform they should be standing because they are not popular in social media.

There is one thing to remember. People are always going to judge what you do or say or even how you look, even without social media. With social media these judgement are going to come your way quite fast and with ease. If you are using social media to voice your opinions or showcase your talent, you will have to continue to face this. However, if you are doing something with great dedication, do not let the less number of likes or comments on your posts dishearten you. At the same time, do not let a large number of likes or comments think you are doing everything in the right manner. If this is something related to your passion, always get the help of mentors and find your path in life. Remember, though social media is a good place to connect with people and voice your opinion, you should not let your life get dictated by social media.



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