My Wonder Woman

My Wonder Woman

Remember growing up? The little and helpless childhood, stubborn and rebellious teenage and then somewhat more intelligent and sane adulthood. Life is more like a play where different acts come on stage at one time or another. If you are currently in the act of adulthood, then, most of you must have gone through some tough and bitter experiences which have let you at least have a glimpse about the truth of life.

Life is not an eternal journey. It is quite temporary. In this journey, we meet so many people who would not even lift a finger to help us, but there are always going to be those few people who will offer the most help to us, even when they are not strong themselves. My mother for me has always been one of those who help me unconditionally.

In her life, she started to pursue a career when she was only 19 years old. That first job gave her financial independence and also brought her and my father together. At 25 my mother got married. They did not have a grand wedding or a huge comfortable married life from the very beginning. They had to fight to create a world of their own as they were the only ones helping themselves. Though my father was a really good man I know every progress we have made as a family has always been because of my mother.

By the time I was born, they had managed to get some money together and build a home for us. So, they were able to say good bye to living in rented places. When my older sister was born my mother had some help from a friend who was living with them at that time. Therefore, she could keep her job and look after the child too. However, when I was born, there was no one who was going to help to look after me. My father’s mother had already passed away, so there was no help from that side. At that moment, my mother chose me over her career. She never complained she had to give up her job and bore her responsibility as a mother of two daughters very well.

As if life wanted to reward her once more when I was somewhat older she got a chance to become a government employee. Until retiring quite recently she was doing her job to the country. Every time I talk about my mother I can be really proud. I know she has always been an exceptional human being with so much love, compassion and patience. She has never been rebelling on the roads demanding for women’s rights, but she has always made sure her two daughters could live a more unrestrained life than her or her generation. Well, my father helped her with that goal. Together they are the best parents especially for a girl living in an Asian country can have.

My mother has always been there for me. She has been making sacrifices for me ever since I was born. She is the reason I have so much courage to find my way out of any maze that blocks my path. She is the reason I will know to be patient and also not to lose hope. She is the one who has taught me we are the ones who make our own lives, our own legacies. That is why she will be my wonder woman till I take my final breath on this Earth. Thank you, amma, for everything you have done for me!


TV Shows That Took Me By Surprise

TV Shows That Took Me By Surprise

Like many of the others I too enjoy watching a good TV show when I have time. What I look for in a TV show is mainly entertainment and a good plot. I cannot be happy with a story which has multiple plot holes.

Since I do not have much time to spare to watch TV shows I am very picky about my choices. However, once in a while, there have been TV shows which have proven to be better than I expected and took me by surprise. They were able to make me their fan.

Teen Wolf

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Up to Teen Wolf every werewolf story I had seen was too much blood and gore. So, naturally, my notion of Teen Wolf was that it was also one of those werewolf stories where there is only blood and gore and no plot. However, when I got to see the first episode of the story, I was truly surprised. Sure, there was blood, but there was also a real story. There is Stiles and his all the sarcastic lines and I love them. Jeff Davis has managed to tell this serious story about a teenager, Scott McCall who gets turned into a werewolf since he was bitten by one in the woods. The story shows how he adjusts to the new life with the help of his best friend Stiles and the unusual wolf pack he creates as the story grows. There is always some interesting supernatural enemy to face. The storytelling is amazing. It also contains one of the best death scenes I have seen on a movie or a TV show which was put there because the actress who played the part wanted to quit the show to try new things. However, that death does not seemed forced in any way and it does not harm the story in anyway too. So, it was a perfect part to a really good story.



Like with the werewolf stories I was not that interested in watching a zombie story. Normally, all the zombies you see generally on any kind of story has a lifestyle of mindlessly looking for brains and killing people. However, iZombie is the first time I have seen a zombie keeping her urges under control and trying to figure out what is going on. Liv Moore, the protagonist of the story, gets infected with a zombie virus. However, once she turns into a living dead creature she wants to never kill a person to eat brains, but she knows without brains she would degenerate. She finds a job at a coroner’s office, so she gets a natural supply of brains without killing anyone. Since eating brains gives her a chance to have visions about the person whose brain she ate, she starts helping to solve murders. Every episode offers Liv to be a different character as she gets the qualities of the brain she ate until that power lasts. So, you get to see a different story every day. It is actually quite fun. The zombie problem in the story is what keeps each episode connected.

Jane the Virgin


When I heard the name Jane the Virgin and saw some clips of it I was first convinced it was going to be too much of a soap opera for my taste. However, since the drama kept coming my way as I got to see many pictures of it and people talking about it, I wanted to give it a try. So, I watched the first episode and then got hooked. Jane Villanueva is a wonderful character who faces everything that happens to her with a lot of courage. She wants to stay a virgin until she marries and ends up getting artificially inseminated. The story deals with what happens from there and how she and everyone connected to her life reacts to that problem. Unlike most of the other shows I watch this show talks about normal people and problems that can happen in a normal life. It takes you from laughing at something to crying your eyes out the next moment. In season 03, there was couple of episodes which were really emotional that I could not help crying. They presented the story of a very special character in those episodes and Jane’s own emotions with regard to that character in such a good way that I had to cry with Jane.

In my eyes, none of these stories can be known as bad ones because they provide entertainment and a good story. They are actually a few shows I enjoy the most at the moment.