After finding some time to watch some interesting movies which I actually loved, I thought to talk about movies. Movies are one of those entertainment modes which is there with you when you grow up. As for me, I grew up with Hindi movies. One of my earliest memories of movies is seeing Sridevi dancing to “Me thera dushman” in Naagini movie. Though I do not watch as many Hindi movies now, I still love listening to Hindi movie songs. For me they are the best songs with beautiful music, lyrics and amazingly good choreography.

The first ever English movie I watched at a movie theater was Jurassic Park (1993). I was three years old and so terrified that I kept my face turned away from the screen until the whole movie finished. Yes, I did not watch it. However, as I had the luck of getting an opportunity to explore more English movies as I grew up by now T-Rex has become my favourite dinosaur and I absolutely love those movies.

Movies have this way of letting us explore other people’s imagination in colourful images. A good movie can satisfy you in a special way. It can have a massive┬áimpact on the way you see the world. That is why every decision we take about the movies we watch have to be carefully made too.

As for me, when it comes to movies I follow one simple rule. I only watch the movies I want to watch. People can advertise all they want and friends can tell me all they want that I should watch this movie and that, but I will only watch it if I want to. This mainly happened because some movies recommended by other people ended up being horribly dissatisfying to me and also because now I only have a limited time to watch anything so I would like to invest it in watching something I want to watch. However, taking the recommendation of someone who has a similar taste to you is always fine.

Every one of us expect different things from movies and also experience them in different ways. Sure, there are always times when a movie you are expecting to watch ends up being really bad. However, after a while, when you have watched enough movies you develop a certain instinct which lets you know what kind of a movie to expect by watching the trailer.That is as long as it is clear to you trailers should be taken with a grain of salt.

Therefore, as a movie fan, make your own decisions. Read a review or two from sources you trust if you are unclear about a movie before going into see it. Also, when someone asks you if a certain movie was good or not, tell them what you think making it clear it is your idea.Their reaction to the movie can be completely different from yours.


2 thoughts on “Movies and You

  1. I’m with you on the resistance to watching something just because the film has a huge marketing budget. I suspect that if more people did that, we might see fewer films with weak plots but lots of gratuitous violence sex. When I saw the trailer for The Scarlet Letter (Demi Moore, Gary Oldman), I couldn’t believe they included an explosion. I read the book, and there’s no place where that would make sense. Good on you for being selective.


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