Anyone has the right to be proud about what they have achieved, how good they are at what they do, how special they think they are. However, that does not mean just because someone is extremely intelligent that person gets to look down on all the others as stupid and useless people. When you reach that level of pride where your self-importance makes you blind to the achievements and skills of other people, it means you have an ego.

An ego is not good for your professional life or your personal life. You can be as good as a lush green plant growing with beautiful leaves and flowers. However, for someone who looks from outside another plant could be better looking and more useful than you are. Therefore, you also need to understand your worth can be subjective too as for someone else another person with a different skill set or a different look may be more beautiful and useful than you are.

You can be a doctor who has become one after passing all the hard exams and doing a lot of hard work for years. You are healing others. That is true. That is not something just anyone can do. However, that does not give you the right to demean others by saying things such as the only degree worth studying is medicine and all the other degrees are incomparable to it because it is so important than all the other degrees. I have seen people expressing such views. To me personally and to anyone, who does look at everyone in the world appreciating how they are taking an effort to contribute to this world in any way they can, this is an insult. Only someone’s ego will make them not see that a world needs every kind of profession, every type of people and every type of skills to function.

If you are really hoping to help someone you will criticize their work or some choices to show them the right way. However, if you are only driven by ego you will criticize people only to demean them as the only thing you can feel is how superior you are to them.

Therefore, what you have to remember in life is quite simple. Be proud about yourself, however, not so much that you start seeing the world with eyes clouded with too much ego, too much self-importance.


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