One day in last December I got up in the morning feeling more anxious than usual because I was supposed to meet a surgeon on that day to discuss about a surgery that needed to be done. It was not a major surgery, but still it required me to go to an operation theatre and face the procedure.It would also mean for a month or so I would not be able to walk properly. So, yes, I was anxious and not very happy.

Then, I connected to the internet to check my emails as usual. And with a ‘ting’ sound comes a Facebook message. It is from a friend of mine and it says “This photo reminded me of you.” The following photo is there.


And I felt thrilled. For the first time since I got up I actually smiled genuinely. I thanked him back then and there. To know when someone sees me and sees this aesthetic and lighthearted side of meĀ is a compliment of the highest level for me. It is small precious moments like these that help us get through the hard times when we feel overworked or even burdened with difficult situations.

I have never been a traveler in the literal sense. I do not believe I will ever be since I find comfort and happiness by staying where I am and where I am used to. However, I am a traveler when thinking from a symbolical sense. I do try to travel the world of ideas and writing the best I can to see what I can contribute to them, to see what I can learn from them all the time. I will continue to do so because my thirst for that travel, that adventure will never be quenched.

Being a bohemian always comes naturally to you. However, since most of us are raised with a set of rules and socially accepted norms from the childhood we do not realize we have such a free spirited side to ourselves until we face some kind of a situation that helps to get us the right exposure to the society we live in and also a chance to know who we are for real. Only then, at the right time, we decide what exactly we want to be. It is up to you how you want to proceed from there because you can still be a bohemian without being like the rest of the bohemians too.


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