As soon as we discover that we can make certain wishes we start making them to get what we want. In childhood, it could be getting a princess tiara that we always wished to have or a cool fire truck. These wishes are actually quite simple and most of the time fulfilled because our parents are in charge of making them come true.

As we grow up, we learn that wishes do not come true just because we want them to come true. We have to work for them. If we want to become a doctor, a ballerina or a writer we have to work for it. We have to practice that art and learn what needs to be learned if that wish is to come true.

Then, at a certain age of maturity, we start to realize how some things  that came to pass without us actually wishing for them have changed our lives. Sometimes, we understand how actually what we wished for did not happen while something we have never actually wished for completely changed our lives. You could be someone who was wishing to marry and settle down at a certain age. You could also have had a relationship at the time. However, somehow that relationship could have ended and with its end could have opened a door for a great career for you. It could have taken you some years until you finally realized this was actually the happiness you were wishing to get from life. Therefore, it is sometimes what you do not wish for which has more value and impact on your life than what you actually wished for.

Therefore, we should understand in life having certain wishes and fulfilling them is fine. However, those wishes should always be something good, something that you have made with a calm mind without letting your emotions have control over your mind. Sometimes, what you do not wish for matters more than what you wish for because it has a greater impact on your life than what you have actually wished for.


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