What You Do Not Wish For

What You Do Not Wish For

As soon as we discover that we can make certain wishes we start making them to get what we want. In childhood, it could be getting a princess tiara that we always wished to have or a cool fire truck. These wishes are actually quite simple and most of the time fulfilled because our parents are in charge of making them come true.

As we grow up, we learn that wishes do not come true just because we want them to come true. We have to work for them. If we want to become a doctor, a ballerina or a writer we have to work for it. We have to practice that art and learn what needs to be learned if that wish is to come true.

Then, at a certain age of maturity, we start to realize how some things  that came to pass without us actually wishing for them have changed our lives. Sometimes, we understand how actually what we wished for did not happen while something we have never actually wished for completely changed our lives. You could be someone who was wishing to marry and settle down at a certain age. You could also have had a relationship at the time. However, somehow that relationship could have ended and with its end could have opened a door for a great career for you. It could have taken you some years until you finally realized this was actually the happiness you were wishing to get from life. Therefore, it is sometimes what you do not wish for which has more value and impact on your life than what you actually wished for.

Therefore, we should understand in life having certain wishes and fulfilling them is fine. However, those wishes should always be something good, something that you have made with a calm mind without letting your emotions have control over your mind. Sometimes, what you do not wish for matters more than what you wish for because it has a greater impact on your life than what you have actually wished for.


Finding Hope

Finding Hope

Life is not always easy. We do not get always what we want. Most of the time, we have to work really hard to get what we want to achieve. Sometimes, all that hard work pays off and we feel satisfied because we have been able to achieve what we set out to achieve. However, at times, no matter how much hard work we put into we do not get the expected results. When that is due to our fault we blame ourselves and get over it. However, when it is someone else’s fault it is very hard to forgive that person. Nevertheless, when we grow up we learn to forgive people who did not intentionally harm our success and let go of those who only try to bring us down.

At times, there are difficult situations in life that are very hard to get over. Sometimes, this is a certain betrayal done by someone whom we loved with our whole heart. Sometimes, it is a certain medical condition that keeps haunting us time and again making us suffer both physically and mentally. These situations will seem like conundrums at those times because it is too painful to face those situations at the time and at that moment when we look at life everything seems so bleak and so hopeless. However, at each and every one of these moments, it is always important to find hope.

You may wonder why anyone should bother to find hope when life has showed there is no beauty in relationships with betrayals and there is no peace in a sick body or mind. Well, we have to still find hope because we have been fortunate enough to be born in this world as a human being. If we do not take advantage of the time we have to live as a human, no matter how little that time is, there is no use in being born as a human. It is folly to forget every good thing that has happened to you and every blessing you have been given in this life because of one bad thing, no matter how bad that thing is.

Sure, when we are beaten down we do need some time to process that. We do need time to think about that pain. However, we have to bounce back up. That is when having a good support system matters. I have always been fortunate to have a good family who always understands me and lifts my spirits when I am down. Even when I do not feel like it, I get up because of them at times. Also, every time something horrible happens which makes it hard for me to be happy I try to focus on all the good things I have in my life. My family, my career, the small comforts I enjoy, all the books I get to read, all the good people I get to work with, they all come into my mind and make me realize I have been lucky. That is enough for me to find hope until the storm passes. We all have such a safe place, such good thoughts that can make us stronger to face the world, not to lose hopes because of the pain we have to bear. We just have to find it.

Therefore, no matter what happens do not lose hope. Life is precious even if it is not as comfortable, happy or long as we would like it to be. Focus on the good part and do something good with the rare life you have gotten.

The Right Kind of Change

The Right Kind of Change

For the past few months, while I was engaged in translating a book, I came across this idea of change with regard to the success in the corporate world. In that book, the author, a successful Sri Lankan industrialist and philanthropist, tells that it is necessary for a company to change if they are to achieve success in the corporate world and continue to hold on to that success. However, he also advises the change a company is going to accept should be one that takes it to a better position not one that makes it lose the position it already has.

I understood what he was speaking about. At the same time, my mind went more to the side of changes in personal life. If life is a treasure, we should know how to use it aptly. Otherwise, we would end up spending our life without achieving anything especially because we are afraid to change.

Why Change is Necessary?

Change guarantees the success of a business. In the same manner, it guarantees the success of personal life. Sometimes, when things do not happen the way we want it to happen or sometimes because things do happen the way we want it to happen, we need to change to adapt to the situation. For example, if you have been yearning to go to a university once you get the opportunity you should not say you cannot go because of the hazing. Most of the time, there are ways to escape such grim practices. Only if the situation is too unbearable and dangerous should you decide to quit. However, deciding to protest against the change will just take everyone else forward while you stay in the same spot.

Choosing the Right Kind of Change

However, even though change is a good thing, choosing the right kind of change is very important. For instance, think that you want to be a better writer. However, while you are searching for ways to become one someone comes and tells you if you shave your head you can become a better writer. Shaving a head and writing does not have any connection. Therefore, you should be smart enough to understand that is not the kind of change you are looking for. You should be looking for a mentor or a group of readers who can help you improve your writing.

By the way, this change does not only apply to your personal life decisions . If affects to every decision you make as a person, as a professional and even as a citizen. Therefore, at any situation, try to choose the right kind of change that will do good.