As humans there are some things that are very hard for us to do. Admitting we are wrong when we are in fact wrong is one at the top of the list of things that are hard to do.  We all make wrong choices in life. The difference is only how wrong we are about something. Otherwise, it is a very common matter for all of us.

Sometimes, when we are lucky enough the only wrong choices we make are placing an online order for dress that does not fit our body in any way when it arrives. Sure, we repent at that moment about the money wasted and after some time we accept we were wrong to make such a decision because buying clothes is often something that you should do by visiting the shop. We all make some stupid mistakes like this and admit we are wrong fairly easily.

Then, there are times when we make the worst decisions. Most of the time the worst decisions revolve around the decisions we make about people. These mostly involve relationships where we fall in love with someone or think we have fallen in love with someone and not seeing any of their glaring faults. A candle can stay lit as long as the wind is not too strong. As soon as the wind turns into a hard breeze the candle goes out. In the same way, our hopes and desires about this one person stays strong as long as we can ignore that we were wrong about them. Once we realize how wrong we were the hopes and dreams vanish. However, this is the hardest place to admit that we are wrong. When we decide to fall in love with someone we do not want that person to turn out to be a heartless jerk who has no regard whatsoever about our feelings. We want to believe that we chose right. That he or she is the person of our dreams. However, that does not happen most of the time. Nevertheless since we have this inherent pride that keeps us from admitting that we are wrong we are very hesitant to make the realization and part ways with the wrong people. However, that is exactly what we should do in such a situation.

The moment you understand staying with the wrong person because you do not want to admit that you were wrong about him or her, is only destroying your life, your happiness and your peace of mind, you part ways. However, realizing this can be hard because of our pride as well as other facts such as the reaction of the family, the society, friends, etc.

To live in this world, to find happiness we need to take care of ourselves. I am not saying you should be selfishly obsessed about only your well-being. I am saying you should know how to take care of yourself in the world too. Sometimes, this can only happen if you admit you are wrong about something and someone. Be strong enough to admit your fault and you will feel free specially when you part ways with the wrong people.


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