Life is one of those small words that has a huge meaning. How can such a small word which only has four letters come with so many meanings? How can it be so difficult to explain? May be we can find out.

If you have to be specific, life can be introduced to anyone as the period between birth and death. Sure, that is the accurate meaning of the word. However, each of us see life in a different way. That is because life is a personalized experience. You may not see life in the same way  I see it.

We give our own interpretations of life based on what we deem important too. For example, a musician can say that life is a melody that still needs perfection. Or that it is a music that is a mix of sad and happy tunes. A writer would say life is a story that has climaxes and anticlimaxes. We all have heard people saying that life is like a book where each page records your experiences. When you embark on new journeys in life you say that you are starting a new chapter.

What is life then? In my opinion, life is everything everyone says it is. It can be sad. It can be happy. At times it can be terrifying, especially when we lose people we love and do not know how to face the world without them. However, if a life was all happy incidents it would be a monotonous experience. Though we will not accept this sometimes, life is interesting because it is a mixture of happiness, sadness, fear, anger, etc. By changing our situations, it teaches us lessons.

When things do not happen in the way we expected them to happen people become fierce. That is natural. However, if you continue to act in the same aggressive manner after this one incident without changing your path, you may end up throwing your valuable life away. We need to have the strength to accept whatever life throws at us.

What is the most important thing about life? The most important thing about life is that it is short. None of us are immortal. We all come with an expiration date. Seventy or eighty years in a world that is billions of years old is not a huge deal. That is why we should make most of the time that is given to us. That does not necessarily mean you should see everywhere in the world before you die. It means you should lead your life in a way that you can be happy about in the end. May be your happiness just lies in helping out your family. Whatever you do, enjoy life! Enjoy it in the way you want to!


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