There was a time in story telling, whether is was a movie, book, TV series, where everything was either black or white. The hero would always be the good guy. He would always do the right thing and get the girl in the end. Then, there was the villain. The villain would normally be a scumbag, who would most of the time even be less handsome than the hero, whose goal in life would be destroying other people’s lives. Whether it is to become more rich or get the girl, the villain would always employ the most hateful ways to obtain that goal making us hate him.

However, times have changed. Nowadays, a story teller likes to portray things as they are. We all know that in real life people are not completely black or completely white. People are grey. The white and black mixed in that greyness can vary. Those with more black are deemed bad while those with more white are deemed good. Using this true theory in stories have let us witness some amazingly good stories in the recent times.

If you look at Klaus Mikaelson, who was introduced to the TV audience through The Vampire Diaries, you can see this change in character portrayal very well. He was introduced to us as this villain who was determined to have his way no matter what. He did not care who died in the process as long as he could have what he wants. However, now and then, we are given a glimpse of humanity in him. We see his love for his family, which suggests even he has some goodness in him.

There is another plus point towards villains. We already know they are villains. They are the bad guys. Therefore, we cannot be disappointed with them. However, the hero is expected to be the champion of goodness. He is always supposed to make the right decision. Therefore, whenever a hero does something stupid and takes the wrong path being disappointed in him becomes inevitable. Though this has actually been the case from the beginning of time, the recent true depiction of villains where we get to see at least the smallest goodness in them, is what makes some of us fall in love with the villain. Personally, I think it is a good change. It helps to create a better story. At the same time, it lets you see people as they are. Moreover, falling in love with a villain knowing who he or she really is, is not a bad thing, as long as you see the truth as it is.


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