Whatever we think our eyes show that feeling. That is why they are known as the “doors to the soul.” They express our true feelings. If we are happy the eyes shine with happiness. If we are sad they are clouded with sadness. Also, if someone is frightened it is their eyes that show it to the world first.

Though this is the case with most of the people, there are those who do not reveal the truth even from their eyes. Of course, I am talking about good liars here. Those who have mastered the skill of lying will not reveal their true feelings even from their eyes like we normal people do. However, our eyes having the ability to show our feelings can be the reason for having so many other beliefs about them giving them importance.

There is a saying that we should not believe anything we hear until we see that from our own eyes. This is an accepted theory because we live in a society where people can make up stories about others even when nothing happened in the real life as in the story they tell. Also, though as humans we have this desire to make and hear stories, we should not believe in ghosts until we see a ghost from our own eyes. That is to say we should not believe in stories, specially when it comes to the lives of other people, until we see the truth for ourselves.

However, sometimes our own eyes can lie. This means sometimes what we see from our eyes can be only a part of a bigger story. At such a moment, if we come to a decision based on the part that we saw, without knowing the whole story, sometimes, it can lead to a misunderstanding. This theory is often portrayed in stories. We all have seen stories where the good guy or girl is framed to a crime that he or she did not do because he or she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is another side to saying our own eyes can lie. This side of the fact has been proven right again and again in this digital age we live in. In the old days, if we saw something, chances were that was what we saw. In this era that we live in, there are so many tools that can help you distort the truth and make the lie look like the truth. The simplest example is Photoshop. Before technology was so developed if we saw someone as beautiful, that was what they were. However, now with all the tools and apps that can change someones appearance even saying someone is beautiful has become a hard task.

This all seems to suggest that seeing from our mind is more important than seeing from our eyes. Since eyes can so easily be deceived we should be able to see the truth from our mind.


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