“Sometimes silence is the best answer.” All of us have come across this saying somewhere in our life. True, silence is the best answer at times when people are expressing ideas that you cannot agree. You do not want to hurt the speaker’s feeling or start a debate about your different opinions. So you choose to give silence as an answer. When you see how obsessed some people are in misquoting other people, not saying anything can be a wise action.

However, though on the surface, silence appears to be a good decision, this is not true always. You should understand that. Even the saying uses the word “sometimes.” For example, think that one of your friends speaks very badly of someone else. You know for a fact that person is not as bad as your friend says. However, if you hold your peace just because you do not want to create problems with you friend, there is a possibility of this wrong opinion of your friend reaching other people too. That is a time to speak up and say what you think.

There is another situation where silence can be very misinterpreted. Sometimes, when people do not protest to an idea that they do not agree, the people who hold that idea have a way of seeing that silence as a way of showing that everyone agrees with their opinion. Even silence can be misinterpreted.

Another situation where silence can be misinterpreted is a situation where you are interacting with another person. Say you are someone who does not talk much. However, when you are at a public place people usually tend to start conversations even when they do not know you and you do not want to talk. When you hold your silence at such situations, people misinterpret that silence as arrogance. It does not matter that your silence does not mean arrogance. That is how the society is created to perceive behaviour. Maybe┬áif people were not so judgmental and were more open-minded to understand that not every person likes to talk much, this kind of misinterpretations of a person’s behaviour will not take place.

We live in a strange world where even silence can be misinterpreted. Since we cannot change other people’s opinion about what silence must actually mean at certain situations, our best choice is to avoid such situations. Or not be bothered by what other people may think.


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