As the world’s attention is more and more focused on United States of America as their presidential race have now officially begun, I think it is the time to talk about leaders. Though me or you may not have a direct part in the presidential race in America, we all know the choice of American people is going to affect the whole world as USA is, without a doubt, the most powerful country in the world.

Since the beginning of human evolution, man has always looked up to their leaders. As we all know, humans are social creatures who like to live as a group. In the earlier days, a group was necessary for survival. And even then, every group had a leader. However, during that time, the leader was the strongest as it was a world where survival was based on physical strength. Nevertheless, as time passed and humans evolved into much more intelligent creatures who were able to shape the world as they wanted, their leaders also changed because people were looking for intelligence rather than physical strength. They were looking for a leader who could give them a better life. As a result, the role of the present day leader was created.

Who is a leader then? A leader is intelligent enough to understand what is going on around him or her. He or she is also intelligent enough to listen to his or her peers and choose the best solution to a problem. A leader does not lash out in crisis. He or she controls his or her emotions and uses intelligence to find a solution rather than get into hasty decisions that would put his or her own people’s lives in danger. A leader is compassionate. Someone who does not understand the difficulties and problems of his or her people cannot find solutions to them. A leader has to be calm. If he or she is short tempered he or she will create  unnecessary troubles for the people. A leader has to be respectful. A leader has to be someone who wants to come to power so that he or she can use that power to do good to his or her people. These are some of the many qualities a leader should possess.

With regard to these qualities do you think you know at least one leader who possesses all these qualities? Such a leader is actually elusive in today’s world especially because most of the people come into power only to use that power for personal gain. However, if your country has a leader who at least possesses some of these qualities, then  you can consider yourselves fortunate. A leader can make or break a nation. I hope the American people will understand that when they are choosing their president this year. In the long run, every person in the world should understand this fact and choose a leader who will strengthen and protect their country.


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