When you hear the word nightmare, do you also think about a bad dream that does not let you wake up until you have tried hard enough? Does it remind you of waking up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat because of some horrible thing you saw in your dreams? Then, you must have thanked your stars for that horrible experience being justĀ a dream and gone back to sleepĀ once you were in control of your emotions. However, did you know that we cannot wake up from every nightmare? That some nightmares are real.

If you look close enough or pay enough attention, you will realize that this beautiful world we live in is full of nightmares; nightmares created by us. No matter where you live , you cannot escape from them. Watching people, who were only a moment ago enjoying fireworks, being mowed down by a truck in Nice is a nightmare. If just watching it was a nightmare for us, how must they have felt when they were actually experiencing it? Seeing a number of people being gunned down in a club in Orlando is a nightmare as we see laughter turning into sobs and cries of pain. Seeing some people holding hostages in Bangladesh and torturing and killing them, is a nightmare. Seeing suicide bombs, bombs of any kind, blowing up around the globe every day killing people and maiming them, is a nightmare. Knowing that we live in a world so full of different religions that preach peace and harmony and yet “war” or “terrorism” are the words we hear more than peace and harmony, is a nightmare. Watching world leaders, the people who can actually do something about this, not coming together genuinely because they do not want to make compromises, is a nightmare. Knowing that we live in the only planet we can live in, and yet we are slowly destroying it, is a nightmare.

Do not these nightmares end? Cannot we wake up from them? No, my friend, until the day comes when people stand together despite their differences and take a stand against violence, the killings will continue. Until the day comes, when people realize they should respect every religion and no religion expects its followers to kill devotees of other religions, the threat of lethal religious extremism will remain. Until the day comes when people, every single person on this planet, start to protect the only home they know, we will still be nearing the end of the world. There are so many things to do. Yet, we are not doing anything because we are not united.

May be now you are thinking of going back to the time when a nightmare was thinking that a monster was under your bed. At least you could wake up from that nightmare…


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