I have never faced a real storm. I have never experienced a storm that damaged my home or made me lose loved ones. Sure, I have witnessed some very hard rainfalls. However, that is the extent of natural disasters I have personally faced. Nevertheless, that does not mean I have lived a very comfortable life without any troubles or losses.

When I was 19, the biggest storm hit our family. My father, who was a jovial, kind man fell ill. We did what we could, but we all knew that was going to be the end. However, we still had that little hope in our hearts of seeing him healthy and laughing again. That did not come true. He was healthy one moment and in the next he was gone.

He was not there to see my A/L results. I was expecting results at the time. Before his condition worsened he once asked me, “Will you have good results?” I said, ” I did my best so we will see.” I think he thought I would get good results since I have always been a great student. When the results came, I had the highest school results from the Arts stream subjects. I had a district rank and an island rank. I got an opportunity to go to the Temple Trees, the residence of then President Mahinda Rajapakse, with the rest of the highest result holders of the country. But, my father was not there to see any of that. He was not there to see me graduate from the university; he was not there to see my books being published; he was not there to see any of this.

Yet every time, I win something, pass a remarkable goal in my life, I remember him. He was not a perfect father, but he was a really good father, who actually loved his two girls. The storm that took him from my life had one positive effect. It made me a tougher person. It taught me loss was inevitable. It taught me the value of life. It taught me we should do what good we can with the short life we have.



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