Darkness does not need any explanation. We all know darkness is when there is no light or there is only a partial light. Though darkness may appear scary when we are young, as we grow up, some of us start seeing the beauty of darkness.

When I was young, I used to be pretty upset when my parents switched off my bedroom light after I went to bed. They had to keep it on until I fell asleep. However, as I grew up, I started finding something soothing in darkness. Nowadays, I cannot go to sleep if the bedroom light is on. I guess I am more addicted to the calming nature of darkness.

Think of a moonlit night where there is no electricity. You will see the moon so beautifully because there is no man-made light to decrease its shine. Even when there is no moon, you will be able to see the stars clearly only if where you are is in the dark. We appreciate the light of the stars because of the darkness. We see the beauty of the night sky because of darkness.

Have you ever thought that we appreciate light so much because of darkness? If  the world was always full of light, would we appreciate it this much? I do not think so. To appreciate light, to appreciate the beauty of even a candle light, we need darkness. Therefore, we should be able to love both. Respect both. Because one without the other is useless.

If we take this concept a little further and apply it to humans there is lesson to learn there too. Let me explain. If we only had fair-skinned people in the world, would anyone see them as more noticeable? The only reason fairness is given so much attention, especially in Asian countries, is because there are darker skinned people too. In such a situation a fair skinned person becomes proud because of his or her light skin colour. He or she never gives much attention to the fact that his or her skin colour gains even that much attention in that society because there are people with darker skin colours than him or her.

Both light and dark skins are beautiful. Both light and darkness are beautiful. When you realize this, you will be able to see beauty in everything.



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