All of us get to read a lot of stories in life. That is if you are a passionate reader. Even if you do not like to read much, you will still get to experience good storytelling via movies, TV series and plays.  Some of these stories stay with us. Some of them are just there as long as we watch or read it. As people have different tastes, a story that is good for one can easily not be a good story for someone else.

What makes the perfect story then? What takes a story to its perfection? A perfect story holds the reader’s or the viewer’s undivided attention from the beginning to the end. It makes the reader or the viewer experience the emotions its characters go through. The perfect story makes us think. It simply makes us a part of it.

Since I started reading from quite a young age and started watching a number of movies and TV series as I grew older, I have come across hundreds of stories. Some have stayed with me. Some I have forgotten. A few I have not even bothered to complete because the story did not appeal to me. There is a range of stories that is very close to my heart. From all of them, I would choose Harry Potter as my perfect story.

Though it is categorized as young adult fiction, it holds so much meaning to me even as a grown-up. If you remove all the magic from the story, it becomes the story of an orphan boy who was selfless enough to die for others. The magical elements makes the story special. However, even without that the story has a lot of meaning. It talks about family, love, friendship, loyalty, second chances, hope, choosing right from wrong, bravery and much much more. Personally, Harry Potter is the perfect story for me because it made me want to read more English books rather than reading translations. Harry Potter opened the door to a whole new world for me.

I will find more beautiful and interesting stories as life goes on. However, Harry Potter will always remain the closest to my heart as the perfect story. It is a timeless story that will always take its readers to a wonderful world.



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