“Our unity is more valuable than LKR 200000000!
PET can fund of LKR 200000000 is complete!
Respect to those who participated in this!”

This is the meaning of the words in the picture above. What is the story  behind this? It is a story about the unity of Sri Lankan people. It is about their humanity.

On March, Manusath Derana, a non-profit organization, started a fund to buy a PET scan machine for Apseksha Hospital, the cancer hospital of Sri Lanka. They simply asked people to participate in collecting a fund of LKR 200000000. That is a huge amount. The important thing is from the day the campaign began, people have been donating money in which ever way they could. It is not because they have money to spare, but because they care about their fellow Sri Lankans who suffer from cancer. Without a PET scan machine, patients have do their scans at a private hospital spending about LKR 150000. This is not possible for poor or most of the middle class people. The majority of Sri Lanka consists of poor and middle class people.

Apart from a few wealthy people who made large contributions, the rest of us who contributed were simple, middle class people. As reported some anonymous donor has donated LKR 35000000. That person did not want his or her name mentioned. That just shows how good that person is because what he or she wanted was to take part in this amazing act. He or she was not interested in the publicity.

It is so amazing to see us, the people, not the government, just the people of Sri Lanaka, achieving such a huge goal within a short period of time. Especially, because we are not a wealthy country. I am sure most of the world does not even know us. So this is my way of trying to tell the world how I am happy for my people, how I am happy to see us moving forward, how I am happy to see so much humanity and most importantly how proud I am to be a Sri Lankan. May we be able to rebuild our now war-free country with the same courage and effort! May the triple gem bless my country!


One thought on “PET Scan Machine and Sri Lanka

  1. I have been to Sri Lanka recently. I think it is a great country and is building its path into development, after having a civil war in the country. As an Indian, I can understand more about this, as both our countries are trying to make it big.

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